Sunny Bay Heating Wrap Review

Sunny Bay Heating Wrap Review

Are you bedridden because you pulled a muscle in your lower back? Sometimes, people suffer from back spasms, and back pain so bad that they have can barely walk. Doctors often prescribe a few medications and tools to relieve your back pain.

One of these is a heating wrap that can also serve as a cold pack.

All these products are easily available in any of your local superstores. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. However, all of these are designed to serve the same purpose.

While heat helps to relieve tense muscles, applying a cold pad takes care of excessive swelling. These pads are great for alleviating all kinds of pain, particularly back pain. If you find it extremely uncomfortable to lie down on your back, you can use a heating pad to keep you warm and comfortable.

Since heating pads are available in all sizes from medium to extra large, people of any size can use them with comfort.

Extra Large Microwave Shoulder & Upper Back Heating Wrap

The Extra Large Microwave Shoulder & Upper Back Heating Wrap by Sunny Bay is a great product for people who experience chronic upper back and shoulder pain. It is proven to treat all muscles that come in the upper back area.

The wrap measures 17 inches x 20 inches and promises to deliver warmth and comfort. Its washable fleece cover is capable of retaining a good amount of heat, and you can also use it as a cold pack. However, we recommend that you remove the fleece cover if you are using it as a cold compress.

It is designed to perfection and features a great design so that no filling slips during use. If you suffer from upper back or shoulder pain, treating it with a hating wrap is one of the best ways to relieve the affected area. These heating wraps are engineered to heat your entire body to treat sore and tired muscles.

Features And Benefits

The Extra Large Microwave Shoulder & Upper Back Heating Wrap by Sunny Bay is one of the most amazing heating pads that offer incredible warmth to users. It is a great way to treat your tired upper back and stiff shoulders.

You do not have to re-adjust it constantly, thanks to the ergonomic design. It features a durable quilted material to keep the flax filling well in place. This reason is why it offers great relief and does not slip away like other conventional heating wraps.

This shoulder and upper back heating wrap ensure the flax seeds conform to every individual body type. It is extremely convenient to use this wrap since you can microwave it for using it without any trouble. It is ultra lightweight and offers great portability.

Hence, you can easily take it with you in case you are traveling. It is durable and does not get damaged easily, which means you will not have to replace your heating wrap frequently, once you invested in this great heating wrap from Sunny Bay.

Extra Large Microwave Shoulder & Upper Back Heating Wrap

Users can also remove the cover for washing purposes. We all know how hard it is to find a large heating wrap that offers just the warmth we need. This great heating pad is to warm up your tired and sore muscles. Flax seeds fill up the product, which makes the wrap completely safe and comfortable.

Since the seeds are fresh, they contain moisture, and that is why the wrap may feel a bit wet when you use it for the first few times. However, the wetness goes away with time and use.

Thanks to a full and even distribution along with the chambered structure, you get a consistent heat to reliever your upper back instantly. Simply fold the bag and warm it in the microwave to heat it up. Make sure you fold the wrap with care so that it doesn't block the turntable.

Another great thing about the heating wrap is that its cover comprises of high-quality anti-pill fleece. The cover is easily removable, and you can safely wash and dry it in your washing machine.

Thanks to its extra large size, it features a long tail of 12.5 inches. This reason is why it is a great wrap for covering up large-sized people. Moreover, if your doctor has prescribed you a cold pack, this heating wrap also works for cold therapy.

Simply freeze the heating pad, and it becomes a fantastic cold pack that offers great relief to your swollen muscles.

What Others Are Saying

Customers, who purchased the Extra Large Microwave Shoulder & Upper Back Heating Wrap by Sunny bay, consider it as a great pain-relief method to treat chronic pain. Since your shoulders get completely covered, thanks to the large size of the pad, users benefit from great coverage to relieve every shoulder and neck muscle.

Extra Large Microwave Shoulder & Upper Back Heating Wrap

The manufacturers of this product have created an efficient heating system that also transforms into a cold pack once you freeze it.

Buying Advice

People who have undergone car accidents or recovering from any injury can safely benefit from this product. Buyers who suffer from chronic muscle pain have given positive reviews about the heating wrap.

It is a great way to relieve your upper back pain and achy shoulders. Moreover, the neck portion wraps around the user's neck and reaches across the collarbones to offer complete relief.

It holds a good rating and enjoys great reviews on If you want to buy a large heating wrap that also serves as a cold pack, you can order this heating wrap today at a discounted offer of just about $55 with free shipping.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an easy to use and durable heating wrap and cold pack that is large enough to fit any body type; then the Extra Large Microwave Shoulder & Upper Back Heating Wrap is one of the best things you can purchase.

There is no need to hold it for keeping it in place. Thanks to its weight-balanced design, you can use it without any trouble.

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