Your Guide To Selecting The Best Heating Pad

Your Guide To Selecting The Best Heating Pad

Many people are using heating pads to alleviate back pain. These pads work by dilating the blood vessels which in turn increases blood flow in the affected area. For added benefits and convenience, these heating pads are available in many shapes and sizes, which ensures that people can invest in a design that is most suitable for them.

However, with so many designs to choose from, selecting the best heating pad can quickly become a problematic task. Don’t fret!

This detailed guide contains all the information you will require to make the right choice. We have also included a list of some of our favorite products at the end of the article for your convenience.

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Benefits Of Using A Heating Pad

Before we dive into the details, it is important you understand how heating pads work. Heating pads use heat therapy that eases pain, stiffness, and soreness of joints and muscles by increasing blood flow.

Sunbeam Xl Renue Heat Therapy Wrap


Increased blood flow promotes better flow of nutrients to the affected areas, which will allow the damaged tissue to heal at a faster rate. Here are some notable benefits of using heating pads:

  • Increased Relaxation and Immediate Results: For many years, people have been using heat therapy to soothe tired and aching muscles. A heating pad works similarly. Using a heating pad after a long day at work will immediately help you feel more refreshed, which will offer you immediate relief so that you don't have to worry about using pain medication. However, we suggest you visit a doctor if the pain is too unbearable.
  • Versatility: Contrary to popular belief, heating pads aren't only for backs and spinal areas. Many manufacturers are catering to people who suffer from shoulder, leg, abdominal or even neck pain. You can use some versatile products for different body parts, which ensures that you will reap maximum benefits from your purchase.
  • Better Sleep: The soothing effect of heating pads may help you get a good night's rest. For added benefits, you can purchase a heating pad this is ideal for mattresses, which will also help cut down the cost of heating during the winter season.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Heating Pad

With so many options to choose from, selecting the right heating pad can become a difficult choice. Here are a couple of factors you should consider when investing in a heating pad:

The following are among the most popular types of heating pads:

Electric Heating Pads

As the name indicates, you have to plug in these heating pads into an electric socket for them to work. This kind of product typically lets out dry heat which can draw out moisture from the skin, which can become a problem for people who have sensitive skin.

Reduces Lower Back Pain

Prolonged exposure to electric heating pads also increases the risks of burns, especially if you fall asleep while the unit is still operating. If you’re investing in an electric model, we recommend you invest in a product that has an automatic shutoff feature.

Moist Heating Pads

As the name indicates, moist heating pads use moist air to relax sore muscles. These models are commonly available in the form of microwaveable bags that include a conducting filler. Hot water bottles encased in special fabrics may also fall in this particular category.

Hot water bottles don't produce heat internally. Some insist that this results in better heat penetration. Additionally, moist air is known to penetrate deep into the muscles, resulting in long-lasting pain relief.

Infrared Heating Pads

While infrared radiation is invisible, you can feel it in the form of heat. The heat produced is similar to the kind of heat produced by the sun. The heat produced by infrared heating pads differ from other types. The most notable advantage of this type of heating bad is that it does not use a dry skin.

Infrared Heating Pads


Similar to electric models, infrared heating pads incorporate electricity and have many extensive controls. For added benefits, we suggest you invest in a product that includes an automatic shut-off and has many temperature control facilities.

Type Of Ailment

What type of pain do you suffer from or which body part do you wish to target? Folks who experience chronic neck pain are likely to benefit from a neck wrap.

On the other hand, people who have lower back pain will benefit from a heating pad that can modify its shape or contour according to the spine. Consulting the opinion of a certified health professional is also important before investing in a heating pad to treat an ailment.

Size Of The Heating Pad

Choose the appropriate size according to the body part you wish to treat. Heating pads are available in many shapes and sizes which means you can conveniently opt for a model that suits your needs.

Smaller pads are sufficient enough if you experience neck pain. However, if you want to target wider areas such as the back, spine, legs or abdomen, you may have to look out for a larger heating pad that will offer the right amount of coverage.

Heat Settings

Some folks may benefit from high heat intensity to treat certain ailments. This reason is why it's worth investing in a product that offers numerous heat settings. Some heating pads also include a memory feature that remembers what kind of heat setting you use regularly.

heating pad on womens back

Opting for a heating pad that offers multiple heat settings is particularly beneficial for folks who plan on sharing the heating pad with others.

Heat Up Time

Waiting for the heating pad to heat up can be inconvenient for some folks, especially if you’re always in a hurry to get to work or go to bed. Some advanced models can heat up in seconds whereas some heating pads may take a slightly longer time.

If the heat up time does not bother you too much, you need not spend extra money for the added feature.

Auto Switch Off Feature

Some heating pads include a special auto-switch off function that acts as an added safety feature. This feature causes the product to automatically switch off after operating for a specific number of hours. This feature not only saves electricity but also reduces the chances of burns and other dangerous accidents.


Since heating pads are designed to comfort sore muscles, it's essential you invest in a product that is made using comfortable materials. Ensure the material is durable enough to last several years without wearing down. Some fabrics are also better at distributing heat more effectively than others.

Baby And Hot Cherry Red Denim Triple Square

This reason is why you should always conduct proper research before investing in a particular product. As an added benefit, consider investing in a heating pad that is machine washable so that you don't have to go through the trouble of hand-washing it after every few days.

Length Of Power Cord

This factor is important, and you cannot ignore it if you're purchasing an electric heating pad. Ensure the power cord is long enough so that you can conveniently use the product at various locations around the house.

However, if you're worried about the long wire tripping other folks, ensure it is long enough so that you can plug it into a socket nearby.

Wireless Capability

If the idea of purchasing a heating pad with a long power cord does not appeal to you, consider purchasing one that offers wireless capability, which will enable you to use the heating pad anywhere you want, making it an excellent option if you're in search of a portable product for work.

Safety Concerns

Most importantly, it is important you consider all the potential risks and hazards associated with heating pads. Constant exposure to infrared rays or accidentally leaving the heating pad on for too long can cause painful burns.

For this reason, it is essential you purchase a product with plenty of safety features so that you can use the product without compromising on your health and safety.

Dry Or Moist Heat

When purchasing a heating pad, you will come across two main types: heating pads that use dry heat vs. moist heat. While dry heat is the more convenient option, it may not be a suitable choice for people who have sensitive skin.

Sunbeam Xl Renue Heat Therapy Wrap

Frequent exposure to dry heat can cause the skin to dehydrate, resulting in potential skin problems in the future. Most electric models incorporate the use of dry heat.

On the other hand, users can also invest in heating pads that use moist heat. As the name indicates, moist heat traps moisture and prevents the skin from dehydrating. Some people claim that using moist heat offers greater benefits as it is known to enhance tissue elastically which results in younger looking skin.

Some of our top picks include:

Best Microwavable Heating Pad

Here's our recommendation for the best microwavable heating pads:

HOT CHERRY Pit Pillow (Best Price Unwrapped)

The HOT CHERRY pit pillow is a striking red heating pillow that is constructed using soft, durable red denim. The 9.5” x 28” pillow contains dried clean cherry pits. It is the perfect hot or cold pack that you can conveniently toss in the microwave oven to offer moist penetrating heat.

The warm heat from the square pillow will effectively comfort, sore muscles all while leaving behind a sweet scent of cherry pie. You may also store it in the freezer and use it as a cold pack.

The HOT CHERRY Pit Pillow is an affordable product that is also environmentally friendly. The brand uses cherry pits that are a by-product of the American tart cherry industry. Rest assured, the pits are dried and cleaned before use and have to undergo a special patented process. For better results, the pits don't undergo chemical treatment.

Some Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Recommended by massage therapists, chiropractors, spas and other practitioners for pain relief
  • Can be gifted as a physical therapy gift or a retirement gift
Hot Cherry Red Denim Triple Square


Our Rating

You can wash and dry the pillow without worrying about causing damage to it. With proper care, the pillow will last for several years.

You can purchase the pillow in 6 different sizes, which means that you can buy an eye pillow or neck pillow according to your needs.

Sunny Bay Extra Large Heating Wrap

Sunny Bay’s Extra Large Microwave Shoulder & Upper Back Heating Wrap is comfortable to use a microwavable product that is designed to offer pain relief. The heating pad is made using 100% polyester.

Rest assured, thanks to its special design, the heating wrap stays in place without moving around too much. The extra-long length helps cover maximum areas including the shoulder area and upper neck.

Some Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Built-in chambers are filled using flax seeds. The seeds do not move around and do not drop at the bottom when users stand up ensuring comfort
  • The manufacturer seals in the different sections of this product perfectly. This feature prevents the seeds from moving around
  • ​Includes a washable anti-pill fleece cover that is durable yet comfortable
  • The wrap features an extra-long tail that measures to above 12.5 inches. This length is long enough to cover the upper back of most people
  • Simply fold the wrap and put it in the microwave. However, be sure to fold up the product properly to prevent it from burning
Extra Large Microwave Shoulder & Upper Back Heating Wrap

Our Rating

While the product is primarily a heating wrap, you can also put it in the freezer and use it as a cooling wrap. It is available in a dark blue fleece design. However, users must note that the wrap is not machine washable.

The only downside is that the heating wrap gave off a weird scent and that the product weighed too much, making the product uncomfortable to use. However, most customers were pleased by the extra-long design as it meant that the product would not slip or slide out of place.

Best Electric Heating Pad

Here's our recommendation for the best electric heating pads:

Sunbeam XlRenue Heat Therapy Wrap

The Sunbeam Renue Heat Therapy neck wrap is a favorite among customers because of its special design. Its special shape includes an upper flap that delivers maximum therapeutic benefits and offers maximum stress relief. This wrap provides pain-relief to areas such as the back, shoulders, neck and so on.

You can select from many sizes including XL which provides a custom fit. Since it features an ergonomic design, users don’t have to worry about adjusting the design again and again.

It features a durable quilted material to keep the flax filling well in place. This feature prevents the heating wrap from slipping from its position, unlike other conventional heating wraps.

The heating wrap features a digital LED controller that offers four heat settings. It also has a power cord that measures around 9 ft and includes a washable pad. For added safety, the heating pad includes a 2-hour automatic shut off feature.

Some Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Includes high-end digital LED controller
  • Users can select from four-heat setting according to their convenience
  • Heating pad is completely machine-washable, so you don't have to worry about hand washing it
  • Includes 9-foot power cord
  • Includes a Luxurious Royalmink pad cover that offers gentle pressure on the neck
  • The brand offers a 2-year limited warranty along with snap closures
  • Large size that covers the shoulders, neck, and back
Sunbeam Xl Renue Heat Therapy Wrap


Our Rating

The heating wrap offers optimal comfort to the back and neck. It also eases tension on the shoulders including the upper back section.

Most customers had positive things to say about the product. Customers specifically liked how the wrap offered extra heating coverage. Customers will appreciate how comfortable and soft the material is.

It also includes a magnetic closure which holds the heating pad in place, which people who suffer from diseases or want to relieve pain associated with muscle tension, sore shoulders and back maladies. 

PureRelief XL – King Size Heating Pad

The PureRelief XL is a comfortable-to-use a heating pad that offers pain relief and provides comfort to sore, tired muscles while promoting relaxation. Another notable advantage of the product is that it offers full-body coverage, which is quite beneficial as most heating pads on the market treat the back and thus feature a smaller size.

Thanks to the extra-large size, customers can use the heating pad for any area of the body including the shoulders, arms, legs, and abdomen.

Another great feature is that the heating pad offers users the option to benefit from dry or moist heat for added comfort. Customers can also choose from many temperature settings which means you can adjust the amount of heat according to your convenience and alter the heat intensity.

Some Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Fully body heating pad that is excellent for treating sore muscles in the shoulders, abdomen, legs, and arms
  • Thick, super soft micro plush that offers added comfort and is excellent for daily use
  • Unlike other heating pads in the market, the PureRelief XL heats up in seconds and offers immediate pain relief to one’s aching muscles
  • Users can choose from dry or moist heat therapy according to their convenience
  • Offers a 5-year warranty which means customers don't have to worry about making a risky purchase
PureRelief XL - King Size Heating Pad


Our Rating

People who suffer from increased pain in the back and shoulders will benefit from an increased high setting.

For additional comfort, the heating pad incorporates a super soft plush material that has delicate fibers, which makes the PureRelief XL a suitable choice for everyday use. The product features an ultra-fast heating technology that provides instant pain relief to the affected area.

For added safety reasons, the heating pad features a 2-Hour Auto Shut-Off feature that prevents burns. It also helps conserve power if you forget to switch off the heating pad.

The only downside is that some customers have complained that the PureRelief XL includes a heating control and cord connection that is heavy and bulky. However, this isn't a major con considering the large size of the product.

Best Mattress Heating Pad

Here's our recommendation for the best electric mattress pad:

Sunbeam All Season Mattress Pad

The Sunbeam All Season Mattress Pad is comfortable, easy to use a heated mattress pad that will offer users just the comfort they need to get a good night's rest.

The heating pad is large enough to fit inside 21-inch mattresses. It includes a decorative quilt and also has ten unique heat settings.

For added convenience and safety, the heated mattress pad includes a 10-hour auto-off feature. This feature ensures that you don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to switch the heating pad off.

Some Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Two heating zones that allow users to control the heating system
  • Includes a specialized thermofine warming system that adjusts the level of warmth, providing customers sufficient heat to remain warm
  • Machine washable top cotton cover that also includes a 5-year warranty
  • Includes a digital auto-off controls that automatically switch of the heating pad after 10 hours of use
Sunbeam Premium Quilted Heated Mattress Pad


Our Rating

This product is a great investment for folks who would like to preheat cold sheets before going to bed.

Not to mention, getting a mattress heating bad can also save winter heating bills. It has a thermo fine warning system along with a 25 thread count that folks can adjust according to their convenience for consistent warmth.


Hopefully, this detailed guide has provided you all the information you need to purchase the best heating pad. Good luck!

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